songs of the sun: for solo piano.


a four-track piano solo EP marking various landscapes of perspective via a minimalist, cinematic sound aesthetic. my main inspiration and keyword for this album is interaction: how the human condition interacts [or doesn’t] with the clarity of nature: how two people can stare through each other in a coffee shop as if they don’t exist together; how the moment of clarity can be archived. I feel there is an architecture to a moment, and this project is my way of portraying interactions that I have either encountered with the world, or interactions that I have witnessed happening in-front of my eyes. with the artwork, an interaction is shown between the human and the sun: how the light is always keeping us warm, but we aren’t always fully present to feel it.

* now distributed & represented with indie label, KNING DISK

songs of the sun features include:

STV (Scottish Television)

1924US Branding Tutorial

Marysia Resort


Hylas Magazine

Mainly Piano

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