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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Faces of Dallas is a work that artistically surveys and depicts the stories of the people of Dallas. There is an architecture far beyond bridges and buildings that makes Dallas the way it is— it is within the people that the place is made.

In collaboration with Verdigris Ensemble as part of SOLUNA FESTIVAL, I was commissioned to compose a 60 minute through-composed thematic work featuring near thousands of responses of what 'Dallas Is' to the people who dwell there.

I learned so much about the city of Dallas from the poetic responses, the short stories, the single words and the paragraphs. Every response added to the skyline for me as an outsider to the city. Every submission paved ways for this compositional work to crystalize. I focussed primarily on four ‘faces’ of the city, who all share inspirational stories about their time in Dallas. These include an Afghani family seeking safety, and two young children growing up in the neighborhoods discussing their experiences thus far. I also zoomed in on poetry pieces and their outlooks on the progression of the city & the people that dwell there, merging it with interludes that feature the plethora of responses to what “dallas is”. My intention with this project is to share the stories and faces of Dallas in a way that the audience can contemplate it all in their own way.

There is something incredibly magical in experiencing the sounds of a city all at once.


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photos by dickie hill